DIY Kids art desk

DIY kids art desk

DIY Kids art desk

Floating art desks are a fun way to motivate your kids to do their homework and be inspired by art. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be custom built for your child’s room.

DIY materials for 1 desk

Materials list figure A-EA   2″ x 16″ fabric strips (qty 4)
B   1″ diameter x 36″ length rope (qty 2)
C   7/8″ to 1 3/4″ in #20 stainless steel clamp(qty 2)
D   #0 x 2″-7/8″ screw eyes (qty 2)
E   #2 x 4 “-7/16” screw hook (qty 2)
*   2′ x 4′ counter top (qty 1)
*   3 1/2″ screws (qty 12 )
*   2″ x 4″ wood stud 44″ long (qty 1)

The surface of the desktops are 4′ x 2′.  Because they are designed for kids, the desk height is lower than normal.

  1. To determine the height measurement, I placed one of the children’s chairs in front of the planned work area as a reference and marked the wall with pencil.
  2. Mark the 2″ x 4″ support wood at 40″ and cut.
  3. Find and mark the studs in the wall and screw the support 2″x 4″ in place.
  4. Paint the 2″ x 4″ the color of the wall.DIY kids desk installation
  5. Attach the screw eye (figure D) to the side of the counter top.
  6. Pre-drill and screw the top surface to the 2″x 4″ (attached to the wall) using long screws at about 8″ or so apart.
  7. Drill a hole in the wall about 18″ high to screw in place screw hook, (figure E) anchoring it to the wall stud.
  8. Thread the rope (figure B) through the screw eye and screw hook. Make a knot on both ends making sure the rope is tight.
  9. Place the stainless steal clamp (figure C) to secure the rope at both ends. Leave a tail on each end and cut excess rope, if any.

Note: The desk in the corner is touching the wall, there was no place to attach (figures B, D and E) on that side. Instead, a piece of 2″x 4″ was secured to the wall at the same height making an L shape support under the desk.

Finishing touch:

DIY kids art desk

Frayed linen was used to cover the rope ends and hardware, adding another fun detail to the room, that also covers the hardware from those young, wandering eyes. You might need to adjust the rope from time to time.

The floating desk gives the illusion of more space and it is a creative way to stimulate your kids senses.

Have fun making playful details work for you!

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