Outdoor landscaping inspiration

My Husband Mario and I are in the process of building a new home. Every weekend we visit places that spark our imagination. I think the outdoors should be given the same attention as the indoors. A few weeks ago we visited Scenic Landscape in Wichita Kansas.

I spoke with Chelsie and Danny, who are very knowledgeable about plants. They helped us with all our questions. We want to do a Mediterranean Style Garden and we were looking for Italian Cypress and found out this kind of cypress is not suitable for zone 5, which is the zone Kansas is in.

Taylor Junipers can grow in zone 5 and are very similar to Italian Cypress with their attractive, gray-green foliage. They did not have any in stock but we found some evergreens we fell in love with. I was inspired by the great ideas on display. A favorite was this Falling Waters Weeping Bald cypress you can train over any door or overhead.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_7863.jpeg
Falling Waters Weeping Bald cypress

We also found these Grey Guardian Juniper with their blue, silvery foliage.

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Grey Guardian Juniper

This is an artistic place to visit, full of ideas to recreate.

A gazebo made out of tree trunks.
Even though this is too rustic for my landscape, I think it is a work of art.
I loved the imagination of the owner. He constructed this bench with found objects.
Did you notice no edging around the perimeter? It makes it look more casual.
These Martle bushes are fabulous.
There are water features everywhere! It is so peaceful and tranquil to hear running water.

We enjoyed the time we spent in this beautiful nursery and came out with knowledge, ideas and some beautiful plants.

Idea shopping is free and you can have a wonderful time enjoying the creations and talents of others! Be inspired.

Have a wonderful time

I say Adios to you for now………….


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