Simple things

A few weeks ago my husband, Mario and I flew to Fort Worth, Texas to visit his dad. Even though Mario was happy to go see him after a long wait and restrictions due to Covid-19, it was sad for him to see his father slipping into his own world farther and father from us with Alzheimer’s disease . It was not one of his dad’s “good days”. It is very sad when somebody you love does not recognize you at first site. But the truth is “life goes on ” and we try to focus on the little things in life that gives us happiness. We love the comfort of home.

We went shopping for the little things that gives pleasure to ours eyes and soul. We found Simple Things furniture store located at 7401 West Vickery Fort Worth, Texas that specializes in a blend of cozy and inviting styles. I love that industrial base for the table mixed with a rustic table top in the picture above.

They also have a nice collection of antique books in different colors for decorating to please any book collector.

Look at that fun repurposed table base in the picture above! An instant conversation piece……

Simple Things carries one of a kind antiques, high quality upholstery and slipcover furniture; chairs, pillows, beautiful beddings and a great variety of quality linens to choose from.

The color palette throughout the store is pleasing with natural flowers and artificial flowers all over.

Look at that upside down basket turned into a lamp… lots of fun!

All the natural light coming in, the reflection in the mirrors and the old repurposed wood floor makes for a great aesthetics!

If you ever visit Fort Worth, Texas, make some time to look for this beautiful store.

Until next time adios,



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