My dream home- finishing touches

It’s getting closer to move-in time. The contractors are doing their best to get everything done on schedule. Some of my DIY projects will have to wait until we are settled in. I have listed the products we are using and some of my inspiration boards here. I can’t wait to show some finished photos of the house!

In the master bathroom the custom cabinets have been finished and painted. The granite has been installed.

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Winter in Kansas can be very cold. We decide to install a heating system under the tile flooring.

Mark is busy installing the underlayment and heating coils in the master bathroom.

In the laundry room, we are waiting for the small closet doors to be delivered. The floor tiles have been installed and are ready for the grout.

The master closet is almost ready for the carpet installation.

I love the dark gray color wall in the master closet. This is where I will set up my make up table. On the same wall I will be making a mural. I am excited to share the process with you as an upcoming DIY project for my Youtube channel.

Master bath & Closet

White marble flooring

Black subway tile

Grey and white pebbled stone floor

Custom art installation

The wood floors have been installed. What a big change! But it is far from over. Lots of details are yet to be done.

In the Kitchen, Drew is installing the mosaic tile and black trim tile above the stove.

I have had no time at all to finish painting my faux stone walls in the kitchen area. I think for the time being I will have to wait until construction is finished and we have moved in to paint them.

I did finish painting the stone wall in the master bedroom. The walls in the kitchen will be the same color/treatment as in the master bedroom when I finish.
The kitchen chandelier is being installed. I can’t wait to see it all lit up.
I have to be patient and wait until I can paint my faux stone walls in the kitchen/dining area… My recycled doors for the pantry turned out gorgeous right?!

The electrician is done installing the wood fan in the master bedroom. I love it…


Custom faux painted doors

Black and white mosaic tiles

Gold and black gas stove

Beaded chandelier

Dark and light grey paint

Looking at the beam, you would think I matched the stain color to the ceiling fan, but I did not. It was a happy mistake!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0108.jpeg

On the covered patio area, Jose is getting the walls ready for the Stucco.

The sprinkler system and the grass installation are on the list for next week.

I am exhausted from all the decision making and DIY projects we are doing around the house. At the end of the construction we will be happy to have accomplished some of our dreams.

Until next time…


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