My life as an artist.

As an artist I like to create beauty on a regular basis. To be able to create, I need to relax, release any stress, and absorb as much positive energy as I can.

There are days when I am full feeling of stress, anxiety, and am overwhelmed by all the pressures of life.

I’ll share some of the things that help ground me when I’m having these feelings. Nature is one of the biggest ones. The sounds of birds chirping, the far away rooster announcing in the distance it’s time to start a new day. Getting my hands dirty while working in the garden. These are just a few of the things that help me center my mind creating a closer connection with nature.

Everyone is different, so you have to ask yourself, “What brings me relaxation and peace?”.

Once you found that thing that helps ground you, remember that whenever you start feeling overwhelmed. Be patient with yourself, finding this relaxing happy place can take time.

Until next time,



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