Old world design

With Rosalia Pereira

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This week we will be exploring the aesthetic beauty of Old world design. Homes that carry components of Old world design are elegant, functional and comfortable at the same time. Interiors have a profound effect in our lives. We hope we can help you get inspired to incorporate some of the components of Old World design into your decor.

Old world design is a mixed of a variety of periods and influences from several different places such as Spain, Italy and France dating back to the 16th- and 17th-century Europe. Not matter where it’s rooted, the look always calls to mind a sense of antiquity, elegance and sophistication.

Old World Design with Rosalia Pereira

Distressed and Antique furniture are a trade mark of these style.

Old wood, patina, rustic pieces, metals, and stones should feel as though they might have been shipped overseas from Italy or France. Objects that suggest years of use and handcrafting.

Tara Shaw designs

Architectural elements like exposed beams, exposed brick, and stone walls are a timeless complement to these beautiful decor.

John Saladino’s Home.
John Saladino Homes
Stone walls by theDetalles

You can recreate the look of stone walls with a realistic Faux Finish if using actual stone is not possible. In the same way furniture can be faux finished to aged or antique it, walls can be transformed to appear rugged or texture as well. Watch for upcoming videos on texturizing walls and stenciling stone onto walls.

Tapestries, antique rugs, old portraits, paintings of Saints and/or landscapes are great options for accessories.

The old world look offers a combination between warmth and formality. Furnishings are comfortable and elegant; imposing and cozy. Rooms should have a lived in, yet formal appearance that invites people to come in and sit down.

Timeless design can be achieved using quality materials with a classic and sophisticated feel. These style includes oversized furniture and varying textures.

The old world palette is infused with muted colors. Colors like ochres, browns, golds, grays, silvers, navy blues, rustic oranges, greens and burgundies grounded by black , cream and ivory like the colors the Dutch painter Rembrandt use in most of his paintings.

Painted solid walls are a great way to make the furniture stand out. Additionally, Hand-troweled plaster walls, faux finishes, and Venetian plaster are great options for walls.

Old world design furniture is freestanding.

Kitchen appliances are best when hidden away in Old World design. Custom cabinetry panels and doors are great to conceal microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers, so that they blend into the décor.

Giannetti Homes

Scale and proportion are a must in these style. Having proper scale and proportion of objects, furniture, and accessories helps to create balance in the room. It makes the room harmonious and welcoming.

Layering, also defines old world style.

We hope we got you inspired to add components of the old world design into your home.

Remember beauty is in TheDetalles.

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