Artist Elaine Rusk and her creative space.

Welcome back to theDetalles!.

With Rosalia Pereira.

Today we will be exploring the art and studio space of artist

Elaine Rusk.

Elaine Rusk is a mixed media artist from Wichita Kansas. She enjoys playing with different mediums from acrylic paints, encaustic paints, alcohol inks, clay too glass.

As a teenager Elaine was not interested in art. It was’t until her middle 30’s that her curiosity and creativity began to flow.

Elaine has a master degree in Business Administration and Speech therapy. She taught children with language disorders in Wichita Kansas and Hesston.

She found out a great way to communicate with her school kids using art. She would read a page of a book and then the kids would draw out what they learned from the story on a large roll of paper place on long tables. The paper was then taped to the walls around the room. She found out they were able to retell the story using the pictures they drew. “The brain remembers pictures better than words” she says. This helped the kids to build their memory, language and story telling skills.

From there her interest in art began to flourish.

She believes everybody can be creative.

She converted her outside deck into her painting studio. While she paints she can hear the birds singing outside her windows.

Elaine paints on her dreams and them transfers her dreams into canvas making them a reality. The core of her paintings is to have a messages, a story. A message that moves her and moves other people as well.

She works with textures in all her works which she builds up with the use of glasses a paint mediums.

Her clay creations are fun and whimsical.

One of my favorite is the teal bird with a human face.

Her curiosity and desire to learn different techniques took her to Murano Italy where she learned the art of glassblowing under glass master Mauro Vianello and Lucia Santini.

Back home in the USA Elaine begun to condition her glassmaking studio in her basement. She organized an area where she works with glass.

You can see some pictures of her beautiful glasswork.

Her interpretation of Frida Kahlo and Benjamin Franklin are fanciful.

It is amazing what she can create with a simple tube of color glass in her hands.

Her pieces in any medium are rich in color and texture.

If you would like to get in contact with Elaine you can find her on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed the art of Kansas native Elaine Rusk and her studio visit as much as I did.

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Until next time,

Thank you.



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