Chateau Domingue, authentic European architectural materials.

Courtesy Chateau Domingue

I recently had the opportunity to visit some dear friends in Houston, Texas. While there, I had a wonderful time sharing memories, eating Venezuelan food, and antique browsing.

Houston has an broad offering of antique selection items and vintage collectibles from around the world, but If you are looking to remodel your home or spruce a room in your house, Chateau Domingue is one of the best choices for architectural treasure hunting. They carry an excellent collection of European antiques and reclaimed elements.

My friend, Rocio, took the time to drive me to Chateau Domingue. It was an adventure I could not miss.

Chateau Domingue offers architectural materials from France, Italy, and Belgium. This wonderful place is located at 3560 W 12th St, Houston, TX 77008. Bring your hat and tennis shoes to walk around these grounds, full of European treasures.

My new friend, Lucy, was gracious to walk us around the premises. She mentioned they had a fire in the showroom a few years ago, and are now working on creating a new one.

The photos above show just a small part of their large selection of antique stone flooring, wood flooring, antique doors, sinks, and mantels, and many more. They also offer unique lighting fixtures, like chandeliers and lanterns.

Walking around the grounds, I found these beautiful paintings. After cleaning, adding a protective matte finish, and a beautiful frame, I can picture one of these paintings hanging in my home.

Above you can see a restored painting hanging in its place of honor. Picture courtesy of Chateau Domingue.

The photos bellow show progress in the new showroom.

What I love about incorporating antique salvaged building materials, is that you can give your new home a feeling of being around for ages.

Why not show your individuality and personality by choosing a fireplace that resided perhaps in a Chateau? Or maybe a floor from a manor? There are many possibilities.

I love the look of old wood and architectural items, its wonderful patina gives warmth to any interiors. I appreciate the effort of Chateau Domingue to reclaim items, that otherwise would be lost from history.

They offer reclaimed French antique oak, with some lots dating back to the 17th century. I find this fascinating!

The chandelier in the picture below is a testament of the workmanship of the past. As an artist, I appreciate the creative skill of our ancestors. Antiques help us rediscover and learn about history.

Chateau Domingue has a line of finishes that I can’t wait to try. I am a multimedia artist, and work with different mediums. Being trained as a faux finisher, I want to work with the lime wash mineral paints that are suitable for interiors as well as exteriors.

In this picture you can see a sample of mineral paint apply to the walls.

If you are planning a trip to Houston and thinking of making a statement in your home style with an architectural piece, take the time to visit Chateau Domingue. Chateau Domingue’s reclaimed materials can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

Bring beauty to your everyday life by creating a space that reflects who you are. I hope you enjoyed this virtual visit with me.

Until next time,



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