Making a sewing machine cover with reclaimed materials.

Hello there!

As some of you know, I am a multimedia artist. Because of this, I have a lot of different materials and tools that I am constantly working with. This creates a lot of storage problems. Since aesthetic plays such an important part in my life, my space has to be both functional and beautiful.

One of the things that I keep readily available in my office, is my sewing machine. The look of the case that I keep it in, is not the look that I personally am fond of. My solution to this, was to make a cover to hide the machine from view, while still making it easily available when I’m ready to use it. I chose to use a vintage reclaimed wood bottle case for this project.

Old case


. Wood box (remember to measure your item before going shopping)

. Mouse sander or sanding block

. Oil /rag

. Piece of leather (color of your choice, and measurements depend on how wide and long you want the handle)

. Measuring tape

. Marking tool

. Punch holder for leather

. Drill/screws

Since the box did not come with a lid, I chose to use the bottom of the box to set the handle. This is a personal preference, as I like the look of it, but others may not, and may choose to go a different direction ;). As my daughter always says, “pun absolutely intended”.

Reclaimed items can blend into many different kinds of style.

So next time you are looking to solve a storage or organization problem, you should consider bringing some new life in with a vintage piece.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Please remember to follow!

Thank you,



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