Masculine master bedroom color scheme

Color scheme masculine

Masculine master bedroom color scheme

I was asked to decorate a master bedroom for a young bachelor. The room was a blank canvas and the only consideration I had to keep in mind was his wish to use an old pool table as a headboard.

To get started, I needed a color scheme. The dark brown wood from the pool table and the wood floor was one factor, but for the rest, I took a sneak peak in the closet. The colors in our wardrobe re colors we enjoy being surrounded by. The color scheme I chose for this bedroom was based on the client’s dress shirts and blue jeans.

The dark gray on the focal wall gives weight and masculinity to the room. The rest of walls where painted in a light gray. Blue is on the cool side of the color wheel and also very masculine and serene. The colors used in the room were primarily solids, very little print or pattern was used, but enough to make it interesting. Bold, dark gray with crisp white, blue, silver, dark brown, and black keep the room clean and sharp looking.

Color scheme masculine

Neutral colors; black, gray, white, brown and beige are considered non-colors. The only real color used in the room was a bright blue. If you have a bright or intense color in the color scheme, use some muted or grayed (tone) colors to balance the intensity.

Cool colors can range from violet to green.  Whichever color you choose make sure the color scheme is well balanced, with dark, medium and light values.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even an old pool table and a few dress shirts. Beauty is in the details…..

Check back for the DIY pool table headboard!

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