Update: DIY Hero finals complete

I feel grateful to those who supported me! I finished as a semi-finalist.

I am excited that three of the four finalist contestants were women (and one is a silver-smith)! I am hoping to connect with some of the contestants in the next few months and feature their stories, work and share their talent on my YouTube channel.

The DIY Hero 2022 winner will be announced on May 13th and I will put a link to the information, once it is released.

I am relieved to be back to a normal work schedule after all of the promotion during the contest.

Special thanks to my dear husband, Mario for helping in every way possible to support me on this journey!

I am so excited – this competition pushed me to market and grow! I have 991 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. 8 away from reaching 1000! If you have not subscribed, please take a moment to do so.

Thank you!

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