For the love of History and its Patina

It has been a busy week for me in Mesa Arizona. My husband Mario and I came to celebrate my daughter’s and grandchildren’s birthdays. Between birthday cakes, restaurants and family reunions I reserved some time to explore the city and its hidden gems.

French Baskets

I am in the process of building my new home and am always on the hunt for pieces that tell a story. While I was like a kid in a candy store, my daughter sent me a photo of progress from back home. I was so thankful to the “inspector” Xander Pereira (My youngest grandson) who said the flat work “looked great”. He inspected the house in Wichita Kansas while I was at the Antiquities Warehouse.

Xander; my youngest grandson
I fell in love with all the antique bread boards

I discovered what I can only describe as a hidden gem; The Antiquities Warehouse; located at 2525 E. University Dr. Phoenix Az. This fascinating 35,000 square foot facility is full of one of a kind, architectural and salvage objects from around the world. I found out the store is owned by Louise McDermott, a former Fashion Designer.

The Patina on this door was timeless

The majority of these great finds come from the east coast and midwest of the United States, France, Belgium and Germany. One of my favorite things about this store, in addition to, the quantity of antiquities they had available, was how immaculately well kept this 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse was ~ you could not find a spec of dust!

Aircraft Memorabilia

The warehouse has a variety of doors, windows, mirrors, gates, shutters/doors, furniture and memorabilia to please any taste.

Indigo Blue pillows
Group of 4 1890’s figures
These Concrete hands will look fabulous holding soap in a Powder Room
Concrete balls inside wood bowls

If you come to Phoenix Arizona, I highly recommend you set aside some time to visit this exciting warehouse. In all of my years of travel and decorating I have never seen such a large concentration of unique decor in one place. If you are unable ; you can browse and shop their web site at or follow them on Instagram @Antiquitieswarehouse

In the mean time I will keep looking for more fun stores to share with you and keep you posted on the progress of my new home

goodbye for now,


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