Planning ahead: designing our mediterranean landscape.

Love Italian cypresses in terra-cotta pots.

The stone in my house is different than my inspiration photo, but I want to plant Tyler cypresses in the front of our home. They are the closest mimic in terms of looks to the Italian cypress that I love.

The concrete contractor is coming soon to pour the driveway and concrete patio areas. They will need to know where the pads are going to be laid. Even though we are not ready yet to work on landscaping, we have to design our green areas in advance to make sure we don’t make any costly mistakes.

In my current home, when I am working in the kitchen, I have a direct view of my garden. I am planning on recreating this look from the kitchen window in my new home.

One of my favorite garden styles is the Mediterranean garden. It is so low maintenance, while still pleasing to the eye.

View from my kitchen window at my current home.
At my new home I will have a bigger window and view of my garden.
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Drew Jordan, our landscape architect.

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When talking to Drew about our needs and wants for the design, I showed him a picture from a book that I love; Patina Farm by Brooke Giannetti & Steve Giannetti. I like the idea of this relaxed covered patio area for my bedroom doors that will lead to the backyard. I also love their use of rosemary, boxwoods, and lavender; which are plants favored in Mediterranean style landscapes.

They have fantastic ideas in their book! If you like indoor-outdoor living, this book will be a good read for you.

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Landsacpe design by Drew Jordan.

Drew created several outdoor living spaces for eating, visiting and relaxing.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, shopping for some plant materials will be fun. I already have some choices noted on my growing list.

I love this Mugo pine.
Boxwoods are one of my favorite plants. I will have this plant in front and back of the house.
These Juniper Taylor are the closest in looks to Italian Cypress. Juniper Taylor grow well in zone 5, which is the planting zone for Kansas. I will plant several of them.
I love evergreens because they look fantastic all year round.
Hydrangeas are also one of my choices. I will have to make sure to plant them in the North side of the house since they like some shade. I will also add some color with lavender, salvia, and wisteria. I want to have shades of pinks, whites, purples, lavender and blues.
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We are still in the early stages of landscaping: picking and choosing plant material and finishes.

I can’t wait to start landscaping and will keep you posted with all the DIY projects to come! Please check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to for Home Improvement DIY videos.

Until next time,

I say, adios to you.


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