VS winners

Looking at two of my paintings for sale at the event

I can only begin by telling you how much excitement was for me to be competing in VS a live art battle at Mark Arts Wichita Kansas 2022.

Packing supplies

My primary reason to compete in VS was to support Mark Arts in giving scholarships to people who otherwise could not pay for tuition.

I have been part of Mark Arts for almost 6 years and my experience has been phenomenal. Even though I am no a beginner I take classes to use the studios and be part of an excellent community of artists.

Competition stage

Mark Arts is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities to appreciate and create art. It was founded in 1920 as the Wichita Art Association and it is the community’s oldest cultural institution. Course areas include ceramics, culinary, dance, digital arts, drawing, enameling, jewelry/metalsmithing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Here I will give you a pics from VS live competition.

Waiting to meet the sponsors

Each artist could bring two to three paintings to be for sale the night of VS. I brought “Stern” mix-media acrylic painting 60 by 48 and Holly Molley mix-media 48 by 48.

The event had live music, great food and a variety of cocktails and wines. The ambiance was excellent.

Even though everyone had lots of talent Nathan Novack was one of my favorite 2D artist.

My other favorite artist was Torin Anderson. Picture at the bottom. By coincidence we were place in the spot to create the painting.

I practiced at home to see what I could do in 20 minutes. Well let me tell you, the experience and the feeling is completely different when you are competing live in front of about 300 people. The adrenaline rush is out of this world. I loved it.

The first eleven minutes of my round on the Vs competition

Applying fabric with glue to the canvas to create some texture. I work with lots of glazes and textures. There was no way that my gesso will dry in 20 minutes. I love to worked with fabrics, but I always use them at the end of my projects as a focal point on the painting. I figured a way to create the texture by applying fabric to the canvas at the beginning of the painting instead of the end. I work with layers and layers of paint, glazing and different mediums to create depth. Well in 20 minutes there is no much you can do.

Did not have time to add my light.

There were 5 rounds total — 3 2D with 12 artists, and 2 3D with 8 artists. Each round had 4 competing artists. Each artist only competed for 20 minutes!

I apologize for no having any picture of the 3D artist and of the winners. The competition was going from one round to the next in 20 minutes increments. With all the excitement it was difficult to think of everything.

This year’s champions are Tim Stone (2D) and Brenda Lichman (3D)! They will have a two-person exhibition in our Gladys and Karl T. Wiedemann Gallery in June of 2023.

This was the best experience of my life so far this year. I learned, met wonderful people and had a wonderful time. I will definitely do it again.

 Congratulations Brenda, Tim and all the artists who competed , who without them this great event could not have happen.

Until next time,



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