What to collect to achieve a well curated french style home.

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Hello everybody,

I am Rosalia Pereira.

Welcome to the Detalles.

For some people collecting is a pleasure, for others is an investment.

In my case I collect to bring beauty into my surroundings. Even though my house style is eclectic, I like to add the warmth of french country style to my decor. I will share some elements and tips on what to collect to achieve this wonderful look.

Implementing french country style into your home can be difficult if you’ve never done anything like this before. By Breaking down some of these items into groupings, I hope I can help you get inspired.

Combining Metals

In the french culture and in Europe generally it is common to mix metals into their decor. I splurged, as you can see here, with my stove.

Italian Range

I love different color metals, such as; brass, stainless steel, and copper.

I also love collecting old copper pieces. I try to incorporate different sizes for a more well balanced look.

Coper pieces Collection

Other metal options to use in your home are: silver, pewter, and other galvanized items.

Antiques or distressed pieces of furniture

Distress buffet Table

I love pieces that show patina, and have a story to tell.  You can collect authentic pieces like antiques if your budget allows you. Newer pieces can be faux finish to made them look old. Antique stores and flea markets are great places for these kinds of finds.

Peeling paint table

Old wood is another great way to bring in a french style to your decor. As you can see, the bottom of this island was built with old wood. Since I could not find two identical old slabs for the top of the island, I had to be resourceful. I found these two slabs of new oak and recreated the finish to make it look old like the bottom.

Kitchen Island made from old wood.

Old cutting boards are a great collectors item also.

Old wood cutting boards.

Pottery, ceramics, and china.

Serving pieces.

Utilitarian items like plates, saucers, bowls, cups, etc., are great pieces to collect. They are accessible and inexpensive, unless you get decorative pottery on any travels abroad.


French Basket.

French market baskets are great utilitarian items, but expensive and difficult to find. Other basket options include wire.

Wire basket and pottery.


Linen Napkins

Fabrics like old or new linen, pure linen, grain sack linens, or frayed linens help bring in french charm. They are also good options for pillows or blankets. Linens can be expensive, but linen blends can still do the trick. 


Fresh Flowers are a fantastic element in adding a little extra something to your home. They look good in most vases, buckets, market baskets, pitchers, jars in different colors and sizes, etc.. Mixing the rusticity of a vase with the refine beauty of a flower looks great in any decor, including french style.

Fresh Flowers.

You can also introduce floral patterns in your linens.


Bring the outside in, by collecting natural plants. Consider placing them into unconventional planters, like this old milk replacer galvanized bucket. Plants are also a great way to improve the air quality inside your home. Plants, like trees, that have bigger branches, make a statement.


Lighting is a huge element when it comes to french design. Crystals and wood chandeliers work well. Table lamps are a great complement to other lighting.


Old books look great on a side table or chair. If you don’t own any old books you can remove the covers on thrifted books. You can also wrap them with ribbons for an added detail and place them around your home to add some charm.


Mirrors with intricate designs are a form of french art in itself. You can have different finishes like gold, silver, or simple wood frame mirrors.

Ornate Mirror.

Besides these collectors items ideas that I mention above, please try to follow these few tips:

Don’t match, rather coordinate. Instead of matching all your chairs in a dining room or on a bedroom set, buy individual pieces and bring them together with the use of color.

Allow yourself time to built a collection. Buy what you love and hunt unique individual pieces by visiting antique stores, flea markets, and wherever else you please.

Adding some of these ideas into each space is a way to get some french warmth in your home.

Until next time,



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