Eclectic Design

Welcome back to the Detalles with Rosalia Pereira.

This week we will be exploring eclectic design.

First let’s define eclecticism. In architecture according to wikipedia,

Eclecticism is a 19th and 20th century architectural style in which a single piece of work incorporates a mixture of elements from previous historical styles to create something that is new and original. The rise in eclectic architecture created a need for interior specialists and eventually this approach shifted to fine art, decorative arts and interior design.  It is characterized by the fact that it is not a particular style.

To make it simple: every work of art represents the combination of a variety of influences.

wikipedia link

In interiors Eclectic design is a mixture of different styles.

Mixing the old, the new, the modern, the industrial, the classic, which together creates a pleasant interior.

The elements that create an eclectic atmosphere are:

  • Combining old and new
  • Mixing patterns and textures
  • Creating a Focal point with a gallery wall
  • Repetition and
  • Uniting all those different styles with Color

Combining old and new.

Juxtapose and antique rug with a traditional or modern couch and a metal industrial item as a coffee table. That’s the mix-and-match that makes an eclectic style.

Place smooth textures alongside rough, the soft with the hard. Elegant chairs, antique rugs next to an outdoor table.

Mix and match patterns and textures.

When mixing patterns and textures; choose fabrics that have colors in common.

Make it fun by using different sizes in your fabric choices. Choose a large pattern, one medium pattern, and one small pattern.

Use at least three patterns in your combination.

Keep it dynamic and interesting by adding different textures throughout the rooms.

Creating a focal point.

The focal point is one of the most fundamental element in any interiors. Each room needs to have a focal point.

In an eclectic interior a gallery wall is a fantastic way to introduce your focal point and to add flavor to your decor. The combination of mix and match frames suits this decor perfectly. Creating a gallery wall playing with color, dimension, shape and style creates the perfect personalized eclectic style.

A gallery picture wall looks great on a simple painted wall where you can introduce plenty of personality and interest without making the room busy and overwhelm. The eye needs to have a place to relax. Don’t overcrowd the room.


Create a sense of rhythm in your eclectic space by repeating elements like patterns, colors, textures, shapes or any other element throughout the interior.


The best way to unify an eclectic style is by the use of color. Choosing a color palette creates harmony and pulls the room together.

There is not a specific color palette in eclectic design in fact color is very personal.

When choosing your color or colors select one or two neutral hues such as white, beige, gray or black and anywhere from one to three accent colors. It is always a good idea to work with uneven numbers when possible.

This accent colors may have come from an existing area rug, a favorite piece of art or a piece of fabric.

There are different types of eclectic design. To me there is not a pure design style.

We have old world eclectic. If you want to learn about old world style please check out my video on the topic.

The difference between old world and old world eclectic design is that old world design uses free standing furniture for storage and allows for custom panels to cover stainless steal appliances. The second difference is that old design makes emphasis in antiques.

Eclectic on the other hand uses components of old world design and allows modern furniture, accessories, and appliances like stainless steal.

Another type of eclectic design is bohemian.

Bright colors are the key to the Bohemian style. Bold and bright blues, greens, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows. White ​is a good backdrop for this richer tones. Fringe, crochet, macramé, plants, second-hand and vintage items are the heart of bohemian design.

Matching furniture sets have little personality. Mixing different chairs and/or tables are right at home in an eclectic decor.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. Mixing the old with the new has staying power.

I hope you can use this information to make your eclectic style beautiful and pleasant to the eye.

Until next time,



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