Where My Inspiration Comes From

Inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything in life.

Being an artist, some of my favorite forms of inspiration are in museums and galleries. I study the painters color palette, technique, and composition to figure out how can I incorporate that style into my own paintings. I take a lot of pictures to keep for later reference.

I love different patterns and colors and am fascinated by raw materials. The texture and patterns of rocks and marbles, textured walls, textiles etc…

The mural above was in the bathroom of a public building in the Netherlands. Finding inspiration in a bathroom? Not what I expected, but inspiring nonetheless.

Old architecture is also a great source.

Traveling, visiting new places, and experiencing different cultures is another great way to find different ideas.

My husband and I love to travel, and the experiences out there give me some great ideas. Not only do I get inspiration for paintings, but for other aspects of life like; cooking, presenting food, decorating, jewelry design, etc..

Nature plays an important part in my life.

Inspiration can come from unexpected sources, so it’s important to keep an open mind to new ideas.

I hope you can find your source of inspiration.

Until next time,



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